Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday beaver shots

Wouldn't be Friday without em.

Okay what were you expecting ya perve?

Other news you can't use or could care less about:

Run for your bomb shelters- After a failed rocket launch the North Koreans are set to test an under ground nuke or so it's reported. At what point does the Lame Stream News media start to get it that at a certain point you can't instill fear in the public? Forget violent desensitizing video games we have the nightly news looking to be the first to scare the bejesus out of us. What was that little boy's name who cried wolf anyway?

More earthquakes - Like that doesn't happen on a daily basis only the magnitude is different. In fact out here we have one that happens continuously only it's so low on the Richter scale that nobody notices.

If it bleeds it leads - Three shot dead in Ohio restaurant- What's the matter Jack couldn't you get your side order of toast?

Then there's politics - You wonder why only the crazies run for office? After being analyzed under a microscope by both the media and party strategists is it any wonder? Oh the opponent is using the non environmentally friendly brand of toilet paper now let's have an in depth analysis with our panel of experts.

Beaver shots, pot shots and crack pots, that's about all I got for today. Lot's to do so I'll catch you later and as usual bank fails ...maybe.


BBC said...

I don't have a bomb shelter.

But I'm ready for the big shaker they say is going to hit us sooner or later.

Sane people don't run for office so we're stuck with the crazies.

Tom Harper said...

Nice beaver shots.

Randal Graves said...

Thanks, he just had it stuffed.

What's this about pot?

S.W. Anderson said...

Let's see, who's it going to be on Meet the Press this Sunday? Will it be the inevitable Lindsey Graham making like Chicken Little about the North Koreans with their growing arsenal of nukes and aggressive ICBM program? Or will it be John McCain railing about the Obama administration letting those commie gooks get away with anything, without even sending a squadron of B-52's over to flatten a few of their cities? Maybe it will be both.

Yeah, why not?

Anonymous said...

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