Saturday, April 14, 2012

Odd thoughts

Have you ever thought about your own self worth and what it really means? By what standards do we value our own existence. For a guy it's usually measured by what he does or did or is aspiring to do. Is it quantity, quality or complexity that we truly value or some combination of these? What do you do that gives you a sense of pleasure or at the least a sense of satisfaction in your work? I know many have a crap job and are just in it for a paycheck but it gives one a time to stop and wonder. Do we take satisfaction in volume like the billions served at McDonalds? Do we brag about the ground we've covered? "Been to nearly ever state in the union in my job" is a boasting point. Or maybe complexity is up your ally. Computers can sound complex and intimidating until you learn a bit about the language. And there's another problem, that of language, technical jargon if you will. We can take the simplest of concepts and make them sound like rocket science. My guess is to protect the trade or industry and little more.

But there's a bit of a puzzlement. Somewhere along the line those that produce the very least are now making the most. Think about it. A garbage man has more value than somebody selling hedge funds. The latter is really a sick way to make money when you think about it. They try to pretty it up by saying it's insurance against failure. And why then should non involved parties gain from someone's losses? Success and failure is a natural process but we are at an extreme gyrating from one bubble to the next.
But we are after all pleasure junkies. So were you able to fulfill that need of self worth with something meaningful? Being a gigolo may sound like the perfect idea until reality sets in and remember there's the fat and ugly to deal with not to mention crazy. We tend to be bad at what we don't like to do. And something may sound like a whiz bang idea until reality sets in. What may look easy yet exciting may just turn out to be boring and mundane. That's the beauty of the diversity because maybe I'd hate to do your job and you might hate doing mine but here we are and life rolls on because of us.

What we do and who we are may be determined by our success or failures early in life. We know that some do well at math while others have the artistic flair and that is due mainly to right or left brain development. But we progress in life primarily from our failures and how we reach to them. People think I'm a bit nuts because I always focus on the what ifs but I know for certain that's what's kept me alive all these years and I always seem to be the "go to guy" when things go wrong or someone's forgotten how we used to do it in days gone by. They might have a new and improved way to cut a corner but nine times out of ten it results in failure. Sorry guys I've been there done that so I can tell you why it will fail but go ahead try it and find out for yourselves. When it doesn't work you'll be seeking me out but I'll be kind and not rub it in. I'm like that.

And speaking of failures there were no bank fails this week. They either aren't trying hard enough or somebody's cooking the books. How would you like your books done fried, boiled, or roasted?


BBC said...

Have you ever thought about your own self worth and what it really means?

More than most I believe. And I feel I've contributed my share of good things toward society while asking little of it in return.

Anyway, some times the most important thing you can do for society is to not be a burden on it like those fucking rich capitalists and cocksucking wall street types.

Randal Graves said...

That's going to be funniest part about post-apocalypse, all the low-wage bums with jobs that anyone can do will become vital because they have jobs that no one can do.

Anonymous said...

It's all about what constitutes acceptable odds.

That and spin, ya gotta put some english on it.

fucking wind

Blogger said...

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