Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Sanatorium is closed

But we have a bed all ready for you at the sanitarium Ricky. It's okay everything will be all right as soon as we get your meds all squared away and the dosage right. And it's so much nicer than Bedlam. No pink bowling balls there to worry about. Shall we all sing "They're coming to take me away" in his honor?

Fear the evil programmers Ricky they've slipped a little message into their games. You might not like it. Is this directed at you that
line 774 of their code? A commie plot you say? They were all in it together Mitt and Newt and Ron. Or was it the strawberries? Yeah you had them with the strawberries. You had it figured down to the very spoonful. Ordered a code red did we? Come on we can handle the truth. We're more than just a few good men ya know. Flies! Flies! Must have flies and care for the Master.

Sweater vests for the men and chastity belts for the ladies and long live the days when sex was dirty and the air was clean only the sex was fun and the air was soot filled from the coal fields of Pa. The mills Ricky the mills, you forgot the mills where men forged steel by the sweat of their brow and made a decent living with enough to send their kids to those elitist colleges. Oh you showed them. You tried to package a neat little product of something. A touch of this a feeling of that but the truth is Ricky it never existed in the first place. Didn't anybody tell you you can't go home again? The home is gone they put up a parking lot right up to the newest WalMart. And father Mac is serving 5 to 10 in the pen for the alter boy scandal. No Ricky it never really existed like you thought. Polka music wasn't the "in" thing in high school even if you thought it was under represented. A coke bottle douche doesn't work as birth control with the prom queen. I see why you didn't move forward. You remembered that the folks of Pa. wised up to you and kicked you out while they had the chance because with each generation the hair gets let down a little bit more and you were generations behind. So have a seat on the front porch rocker and reminisce about days gone by. The nurse will have your meds ready shortly.

And up next the white stuffed shirt Raw Money with 50% more inside inside jokes. Ah Randal you're such an inspiration.


S.W. Anderson said...

LOL, very good, Demeur. I actually guessed your source of inspiration, given the stream-of-consciousness style. Nicely done.

One of the surprising things to come out of this traveling clown show was that Ricky wasn't always so radical right and in-your-face religious. Early in his political career, he was more of a moderate. Guess he's forgotten more than he ever knew, in his effort to kiss the collective butt of the tea party crazies and fundamentalists.

Randal Graves said...

How about you take politics a bit more seriously like the importantly serious thing that it is or it'll be welcome home sanitarium for you.

harry said...

Too damn funny.

What a slimy swarmy no good bastard.

How did he ever escape the priesthood?

Oh, yeah, he likes the ginch too much.

BBC said...

No matter how it comes down you'll still have to vote for someone you would just a soon not vote for.

Demeur said...

Well S.W. we see where that got him didn't we?

Randal does this mean I can join you at the asylum?

Harry wouldn't you just like to strangle him with a sweater vest?

Billy I may just vote for you. I'd like to see you drown about half of these monkeys in a burlap sack.