Tuesday, April 24, 2012

News you can't use and nobody cares about

• North Korean nuclear test ready 'soon'
Wonder if they're any better at this than their rocket science?
• The $50 light bulb you’ve already paid for
This is the bulb that lasts for 20 years? I guess we'll have to wait 5 years until the company outsources production to the Chinese and the price comes down. Wait a minute if we've already paid for it then kindly fork it over.
• Ann Romney says talking to women makes her sure of victory
Which women? Older rich women with grown kids.
• Hugh Hefner declares war on bedroom politics
What an assault with condoms?
• Man stops policeman, confesses to murder 25 years ago
He must need health care coverage because that's the only way you can get it now is in prison
• Couple accidentally shot at gun safety class
Looks like somebody fails the class. Wonder if they give refunds?
• Key witness to testify against former John Edwards
I thought he was still John Edwards.
• George Zimmerman being tracked by sensitive GPS device
Better that than an old hunting dog I guess.
• Man charged with felony for allegedly stealing $1 McDonald's soda
Would they give him the chair if he stole the fries along with that?

Almost forgot there was one bank fail last week. The pace has slowed so much that I forgot to check. Are we coming to the end of the economic poop storm or is the other shoe going to drop?


jadedj said...

Beware...the North Koreans have a new delivery system for their nukes...catapults.

BBC said...

I thought he was still John Edwards.


Poop storm? Oh hell, we're just seeing the beginning of it. As time goes on the rich will just be shitting all over us.

BBC said...

As for North Korea why care what they do, as soon as they do the wrong thing they'll get the shit kicked out of them.

S.W. Anderson said...

Re: "North Korean nuclear test ready 'soon." They will probably do better with that than with feeding their people.

"Ann Romney says talking to women makes her sure of victory"
"Which women?"
Her mother, her sister, her best friend . . .

"Couple accidentally shot at gun safety class"

The NRA claims this incident was staged by the Obama administration's secret Gun Control and Confiscation Task Force, to whip up public sentiment for repealing the Second Amendment and then taking away law-abiding gun owners' every last Uzi, .50-cal sniper rifle, mortar and Saturday night special